• Financial and Organizational Affairs Activities


        1.       Planning and taking actions for providing necessary financial resources for investment, cooperation and costs; also keeping all the accounts

        2.       Planning on attracting the authorized credits of Economic Department in municipality budget on time

        3.       Registering and archiving the accounting record of cooperative bonds published by municipality and defraying all of them on time

        4.       Both financial and organizational support of all the offices in Economic Department in order them realize their goals

        5.       Using the utmost services of private sector in this management

        6.       Trouble shooting financial and accounting process relating to cooperative and  investing projects, cooperative bonds, bartering and selling mechanisms

        7.       Investigating and proposing sustainable financial methods and reviewing available financial approaches aw well

        8.       Taking proper measures to get the legal rights of municipality in investment and cooperative projects

        9.       Centralizing all of the financial activities related to investment, cooperative projects, cooperative bonds, bartering land and other services of municipality in this office and unifying all of the approaches

        10.   Coordinating finance management, investment and cooperation management, marketing management, land and house management for performing the announced mechanisms

        11.   Preparing the necessary financial and official by-law

        12.   Attracting governmental credits, national and international bank facilities and also human resources in investing and cooperative project

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