• Land use and Housing Management

        • Efficient use of land located within the city 's legal boundary in the framework of approved strategic- application projects

        • Preparing the ground for the realization of an integrated urban land use management and implementing joint projects of capacity empowerment

        • Participating with public and private landowners for economic utilization of the lands within the legal city limits

        • Adopting the necessary measures to provide affordable land and house for low-income, especially marginalized people

        • Providing lands which are required as land gratuitous for those owned by residents in old parts of the city and for transferring barracks, prisons and harassing jobs within the city limits

        • Partnership with the Urban Planning and Architecture Department on land use within the legal city limits

        • Guiding and controlling land prices in the legal limits with cooperation of agencies, stakeholders and creating a balance for land supply and demand

        • Transferring lands and properties - which are taken over legally by the Municipality- to investors to execute renewal and urban construction projects and monitoring its proper implementation ( Article 22, Law of renewal and urban construction)

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