• Administrative, Financial and Supply Management


        • Planning to provide financial resources required for the investment, participating and on time spending and accounts maintenance
        • Planning to absorb approved credits of Department in municipal budget
        • Maintaining and financial recording of bonds and sukuk accounting issued in the municipality and settlement at maturity date
        • Financial and administrative support of the different managements in the department in order to achieve the due goals
        • Outsourcing and maximum use of private sector in financial, accounting, administrative and supporting services
        • Planning to identify accounting and financial operations weaknesses related to collaborative projects and investments and publishing Bonds , Sukuk , purchase and set-off and stock exchange
        • Planning to study and propose methods for providing sustainable financing and reconsidering the existence financing methods
        • Adopting the necessity measures in order to retake municipal rights in investment and participation projects and from major and large taxpayers
        • Planning and coordinating all financial operations to focus on investment projects , partnerships , Sukuk Bonds , real state purchase and set-off, floating rates , stock exchange , land use and housing economy in the department by considering procedures integration
        • Coordinating with the municipality financial affairs management , investment and partnerships management, sales and operation management and land use and housing management in order to implementing guidelines and regulations
        • Establishing required administrative and financial regulations and guidelines

        • Absorbing state funds, foreign and domestic bank facilities and public resources regarding investment and partnerships projects

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