• Planning and Supervising Financial State Management Activities

        1.       Compiling the goals, missions and strategies of Mashhad's municipality in the field of urban investment

        2.       Planning on extending investment and cooperation in urban projects

        3.       Compiling the plan and model of supporting urban management to develop investment in the city and leads to an economic boom

        4.       Gathering information and analyzing the impacts of urban management decisions on city economy

        5.       Compiling and planning on various methods of budget making for the ongoing and completed projects

        6.       Designing  the large scale vision of Economic Department of municipality and compiling a proper plan in reaching both development and wealth

        7.       Planning different models of land and house management

        8.       Creating a forum for the elites  of investment, holding topic-based commissions for changing strategic decisions into operational missions

        9.       Creating a special data base for important and active fields related to urban economy

        10.   Evaluating marketing atmosphere of cooperative and investing projects to organize urban economy

        11.   Conducting both social and economic research, compiling short and long term programs for a proper and logical management of the land in the legal borders of the city

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