• Introduction

        Organizational level

        This organizational is one of the main municipal department and its manager is the deputy mayor and works under Mayor's Supervision.


        Organizational Chart

        This Department has 4 Sections and 1 group as listed below:
        A - Investment and Partnerships Management
        B - Marketing and Operation Management
        C - Administrative, Financial and Supply Management
        D - Housing and Land use Organization
        E - Planning and Economic Studies Management


        Job description and mission

        • Generating wealth and participating in urban development and providing necessary municipal financial resources
        • Capital flows and creating added value rather than relying on cash
        • Accrual budgeting based on investment partnerships , funds , bonds , Islamic securities
        • Implementing accrual accounting with financial balance ( assets - liabilities ) along with existing cash accounting and financial balance ( revenue - cost )

        • Helping to achieve Municipal goals and economic balance Realization of comprehensive and detailed plans and Construction and urban development plans
        • Using Non -cash and transferring methods such as sales and purchase and set-off (immovable property and privileges).

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