• Operational Guidelines

        1. Creating an economical boom in Mashhad through supporting small and big investors from
        the private sector in different urban projects.
        2. Extending the investors' cooperation for making sustainable income resources in Mashhad.
        3. Managing and supervising: the publication of cooperative bonds, using new economical
        instruments, facilitating the process of attracting facilities and credits.
        4. Compiling and facilitating the process of commercial development with using marketing
        strategies and selling the products of urban economy projects.
        5. Planning and doing research in urban economy field.
        6. Empowering the activities and explaining the executive processes in urban economy
        7. Using the potentials of the private sectors in both identifying and realizing the investment
        areas and opportunities.
        8. Suggesting, evaluating, prioritizing and managing the economical projects of the city.

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